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  • Life is a Collage
    Beautiful. Everything about her and her site. I bet you'll love Natalie too.
  • All Dolled Up!
    CeCe's got it going on....your waist! She makes fabulous aprons and other goodies. Tell her the gal from Lola & Dahl sent you. Maybe she'll stop by here?
  • natalie hansen
    Grab a cuppa and sit for a spell. She talks fun stuff.
  • Brandy
    She's like a fine wine....gets better with age! Get your bum into the cellar.
  • Kim
  • Creative Chaos
    looking for pretty? she's here.
  • My Sugar Plums
    They don't call them sugar plums for nothing! These babies are sweet! And momma is a good friend. You'll love her too.
  • Jennifer Duncan
    oozing with fun and pretties to boot!
  • Cheezburger
    Hilarious site about kitties asking for cheezburgers. If you likie Buddah Cat head on over. He lives there.
  • Pink Raspberry
    andrea has been my friend since 2nd grade...she's a keeper, stop and visit but remember she's MY friend.
  • Cheryl
    Soooo tweet! And she's got a shoppe too! Look in her shoppe section if you're hungry for goodies that won't make you gain an ounce. I know. I've been there.

Laundry to do? Let it wait...

  • Amy. She has great taste and vision. And she's an amazing friend. Her friend slot is filled though, so just shop her shop.

  • Her name is Lisa Chouette and in addition to having a really cool sounding name (who doesn't ***heart*** shoes?) she makes one of a kind cards and baby announcements using your photo, touches them up and with a wave of her wand makes them sparkle! We love a gal who can make our pretties prettier! Stop by and see her and tell her the Poe gals sent you.

  • Distressed? Need to get your shop on? This is THE premier place to do it. Sweet and Tart. Just like you.

  • Stop by for some goodies reminicient of the good old days, and service that's even better!
  • Kimberly Kwan
    A Beautiful View of Life.
  • Sandys Creations
    Sandy. Just the right amount of sweet and tart to satisfy you and anyone. Trust me. She's the perfect mix of a person. I wish I'd made her myself!

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